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New Account!!!!!! by LuneTheUmbreon New Account!!!!!! :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 2 2 Lune Anthro/Fursuit Ref by LuneTheUmbreon Lune Anthro/Fursuit Ref :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 10 6 A Wallpaper Thing by LuneTheUmbreon A Wallpaper Thing :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 7 24 The Whole Left Side of My Mouth Hurts by LuneTheUmbreon The Whole Left Side of My Mouth Hurts :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 3 22 A Lune Ref by LuneTheUmbreon A Lune Ref :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 8 12 New Honey Rose Ref by LuneTheUmbreon New Honey Rose Ref :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 2 0 Surprise Pombreon Adopts by LuneTheUmbreon Surprise Pombreon Adopts :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 2 0 Fox Adopts Open by LuneTheUmbreon Fox Adopts Open :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 2 10 Fursuit Wat R U Doin by LuneTheUmbreon Fursuit Wat R U Doin :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 2 6 I LOVE MY OC NYAAAA by LuneTheUmbreon I LOVE MY OC NYAAAA :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 7 22 December the Kirin by LuneTheUmbreon December the Kirin :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 5 6 Kon Ni Chi Wa! by LuneTheUmbreon Kon Ni Chi Wa! :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 8 67 Moon Moon Quick Ref Thingy by LuneTheUmbreon Moon Moon Quick Ref Thingy :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 4 3 Commission Thingy by LuneTheUmbreon Commission Thingy :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 2 4 Cuteness by LuneTheUmbreon Cuteness :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 5 6 Terra Ref by LuneTheUmbreon Terra Ref :iconlunetheumbreon:LuneTheUmbreon 2 9


Adopt-A-Dragon-Egg - Hatch a Fursuit! by temperance Adopt-A-Dragon-Egg - Hatch a Fursuit! :icontemperance:temperance 26 5 Toothless Fursuit Costume Toon by AtalontheDeer Toothless Fursuit Costume Toon :iconatalonthedeer:AtalontheDeer 251 91 Sketch Dump by DorkOwlette Sketch Dump :icondorkowlette:DorkOwlette 7 62 Toothless Emote by LuckyBambooPhotos Toothless Emote :iconluckybamboophotos:LuckyBambooPhotos 20 12 What Once Was by GrimmArtworks What Once Was :icongrimmartworks:GrimmArtworks 122 23 Night Fury by Spiritwollf Night Fury :iconspiritwollf:Spiritwollf 346 47 Hale - Helios Conference R1 by Oniwanbashu Hale - Helios Conference R1 :icononiwanbashu:Oniwanbashu 407 147 Azuron Preset by Keawolf Azuron Preset :iconkeawolf:Keawolf 163 63 This guy traveled a long way! by Amaguqs This guy traveled a long way! :iconamaguqs:Amaguqs 3 5 OC Charm Commissions - ON HOLD - by karzii OC Charm Commissions - ON HOLD - :iconkarzii:karzii 55 46 Hand Made Blue Eiffel Tower Charm Bracelet by izka-197 Hand Made Blue Eiffel Tower Charm Bracelet :iconizka-197:izka-197 1,063 27 mimiiii journal doll by 619bees mimiiii journal doll :icon619bees:619bees 124 28 Moyashi-Fox Journal Doll Commission by ThisAccountIsDead462 Moyashi-Fox Journal Doll Commission :iconthisaccountisdead462:ThisAccountIsDead462 145 48 icons by leekbutt icons :iconleekbutt:leekbutt 165 47
YAY! Arts of meeee and giiiffffffftsssssss!!~

Lune by Amaguqs Lune by KaptainLuna Ubreon-Cougar by Amaguqs LuneTheUmbreon by Snowkitty129 Umbreon and Espeon by Amaguqs Happy Birth Day!!! by Snowkitty129 :thumb493543840: Lune | PoemLune

Bouncing everywhere happily,
What’s a joyful Umbreon,
Drawing really nicely,
For sure she isn’t a peon,
Lune is a name as gorgeous as it meaning,
Lune is a name for who is learning,
Playful talented and kind,
Who will mark your mind,
As epic as a pokemon can be,
She’s really worth to be see,
As amazing a new friend is to me,
As nice as painting the sea,
Hoping she’ll still fine,
Hoping she isn’t blind,
I hope to give her a smile,
The one you can’t find on an isle…
Deesse | Godess | Francais-English | Poeme-PoemDéesse
De toute part larme de joie,
Que mon sourire revienne à qui de droit,
Dans la douceur du crépuscule d’hiver,
Je pose mon regard au-delà de la terre,
J’y vois un visage délicat,
Sans superficie d’apparats,
Aux yeux rieurs et aux joues qui épatent,
Traits angéliques accompagnés de pattes,
Une voix de toutes les douceurs,
Des mimiques tant enchanteresses,
Annule la définition de malheur,
Ainsi que toute ces bassesses,
Une âme pure, exempte de défauts,
Des grands idées et des idéaux,
Au-dessus des hommes d’allégresse,
Ci-est la plus grande déesse,
Des talents à n’en plus finir,
Une berceuse mielleuse qui est son rire,
Pourtant dans un songe je ne suis pas,
Leur présenter, personne ne me croiras,
C’est une couturière,
Rafistolant les rêves amers,
C’est ma bible, c’est ma vie,
Dont la lecture me prendre l’infinie…
As badly made it can be by Anny-the-Rain-dragon Together Forever by Emmerson4278 BACK OFF by Emmerson4278 At my sides | PoemAt my sides
Time stop and evil back off,
When I’m at your sides,
There’s nothing that your smiles don’t doff,
When I’m at your sides,
I want to talk to everybody,
When I’m at your sides,
I feel like I’m not anybody,
When I’m at your sides,
My world is pink,
When you’re at my sides,
You’re all I can think,
When you’re at my sides,
Being there for you is law,
When you’re at my sides,
I always see your je-ne-sais-quoi,
When you’re at my sides,
Lune The Umbreon by Emmerson4278 The rise | Short storyThere were no clouds, only a deep mist. The lake was as dark as that scary ebony night. No stars were rising, no wind either. I was lost, my scales were as black as the lough, a rage and a fury was making me keep running in circles, growling and roaring angrily after silver fishes.
The water was cold, incredibly icy. I tried to dive in by two times, after the last one, I was shivering, flapping my wings faster in anger, in order to keep the heat. My lungs were hurting, the mist wasn’t going anywhere and the fishes were keeping swimming away from me as I approached the water.
Furious, confuse and sad, I went for the shore. I landed on a massive slippery rock. I looked up, trying to see if finally the sky was starry again. Nothing was telling me that the day would be arising soon. I closed my eyes, my shivering body entered into nightmares of doubts, false dreams and deception.
As I opened my eyes, I heard a sound, my ears perking, searching for the noise. The pale light of the
Anny and Lune by Anny-the-Rain-dragon Anny and Lune 2 by Anny-the-Rain-dragon Anny and Lune 3 by Anny-the-Rain-dragon Anny and Lune 4 by Anny-the-Rain-dragon Anny and Lune 5 by Anny-the-Rain-dragon Anny X Lune by Emmerson4278 :thumb497288433: Anny and Lune 7 by Anny-the-Rain-dragon A special moment in time by Doucepattes Fille des roseesBeauté toute belle,
Frêle et forte,
Oui toi, déesse qui m'ensorcelle,
Par tes couleurs toute sorte,
Ton rire berce les étoiles,
Et danser les vents et vagues,
Oui toi, qui donne vie aux toiles,
Un jour je te mettrais une bague,
Dans ta grâce tu m'accordes,
Ta présence,
Dans une de tes belle séances,
Je viens et je t'aborde,  
Pour nos nuits passés ensemble,
Je te remercie,
Pour ces douceur qui te ressembles,
Je t'offre ma vie...
My Angel... by Blazeandkira Anny and Lune 8 by Anny-the-Rain-dragon :thumb508664960: Anny and Lune 9 by Anny-the-Rain-dragon When she's away | PoemAs the dawn raises,
I keep rotating my head,
Like a radar,
Waiting until the last star,
Waiting for movements from her bed,
The victim of all my gazes,
Her dark nose breathing softly,
As her ruby eyes emerges from dreams,
Her cheeks coloring pink brightly,
As I lift her ears to nuzzles them,
I love her for all what it means,
Her heart being the most precious gem,
If you all people could see,
All the details that make me melt,
All the talents she possess,
As sweet as she could be,
As much fascinating as an asteroids belt,
With her smile she heal and bless,
Joyful as a thousand colorful butterflies,
Sweet as a reassuring tea,
Wonderful as first snow for a kid,
Deep as oceans and sea,
Exciting as a bid,
Curious as flies,
For all those reasons,
And many more I can’t tell,
She’s a goddess of creation,
Doesn’t that ring you a bell?
Je l’aime sans limites,
Dans mon cœur je lui offres le gîte!
:thumb510370858: ArtTrade oc by GretaMacedonio LuneTheUmbreon by D3mon0fDisc0rd Everyday girlFeeling like a shadow,
Surrounded by others,
She might feel like nobody or so,
But she’s a queen rather,
When she talks in class,
Silence itself gets silent,
People would say that she finish last,
But I know jealousy can make you insolent,
When she laughs it’s starting to shine,
When she cry, the humanity is in mourn,
When she’s shocked, you can feel it in your spine,
The best person to whom you can be sworn,
When she draws, blind people see,
When she sings, there’s nothing more to me,
When she falls asleep with me during the night,
It’s like a bound, a sacred thing that makes us unite,
She may not have fur from ears to toes,
I would and will walk miles for her presence,
We may not be approved by all folks,
For me it will always make sense,
I would rather never see her,
Than knowing I haven’t supported her when needed,
I would lay poems on her grave tomb if she was dead,
Cause, for her il n’y a que son bonheur…

more here~…



Well they most certainly got more pricy huh? cx That's because I need to save money to make a certain something for a certain someone and that certain something is gonna cost more than $80.. D: So obviously I'll need some help... 
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Okay I'm trying to get a fursuit of Lune (and trying to make a fursuit at the same time for my bf) So obviously I need some moneys *broke* D:

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